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Twitter Page Setup


Twitter Page Setup | Create Twitter page | Brand your Twitter account

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We all know how important social media is for a business today. It is practically necessary and it is a valuable tool. The ‘Twitter Page Setup’ service will setup your Twitter account from scratch.

I will setup your twitter page, configure and upload your profile and cover photo and fill all the necessary information.

I can also create multiple social media accounts for you, which I will discount at 20% if you purchase at the same time. Please feel free to contact me regarding this!

If you would like a header design for your page, please see the extra services below.
Now is the time to invest in the most powerful marketing tool that is social media!


– Set up your twitter profile/page.
– Upload your profile and cover photo.
– Fill in all necessary information e.g. bio, website URL, address etc.


I will need full business contact details and address, website URL, description of business, company values, products/services, brand voice and any images/graphics for the page


If you would like to have a custom header design for your social media page, please check the CUSTOM HEADER DESIGN below.

If you need a pinterest page as well, please check the PINTEREST PAGE SETUP below.

❂ This listing is a digital listing and the deliverables of your purchase will be sent to you electronically. No items will be sent to you in the mail.   ❂ Due to the fact that this is a digital product, we are unable to accept returns.   ❂ NOTE: You may NOT share, redistribute, resell, or modify and repackage this product as a digital item.   ❂ This is an online service. By purchasing this listing you agree to the terms and conditions listed in our shop policy page.  

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