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Translate your Wordpress Website | Website Translation | Translation plugin | Add 2nd language to website.


If you have a wordpress website and you need in a 2nd language, then the ‘Translate your wordpress website’ service is for you.
I will install and configure a translation plugin to your wordpress website, configure the homepage and add the translated content that I will receive from you to the pages of your website.

I will not translate from you the content of your pages, but I will add the functionality for you and you will be able to login to the various pages and translate them. If you have the translated content ready, I will add it for you if it is up to 50 pages.

The new features that you will get with this functionality include:

– Tranlated pages, posts and custom types.
– Translated tags, categories, custom taxonomy
– Translated WordPress menus
– Standard translation controls
– Browser language detection
– Translated custom fields
– Multilingual E-Commerce Support
– Translated widgets
– Translated texts in theme and plugins admin

You will receive a fully working website in a 2nd language. The new language functionality will ready within 3-6 days, depending on the complexicity of your website.

If you would like me to translate your website as well, please contanct me with the website URL and the language you are interested in and I will provide you with a competive quote.

Enjoy your beautiful website in a 2nd language today!


– WPML translation plugin installation and configuration.
– Configuration of homepage in 2nd language (slider,sidebar,footer,etc)
– Ready translated pages if translated content is provided (up to 50 pages)


The content of your website in the 2nd language is not included, ie I will not translate the pages of your website. You need to have the translated content of your pages ready.
The plugin cost is included in the ‘Translate your wordpress website’ service.
I will need admin login details for your wordpress website and (optionally) the translated content of your pages.


If you are interested in more maintenance work on your website, please check our WORDPRESS MAINTENANCE below.


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