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Google Adwords Review


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Do you have a Google AdWords account which is old or just doesn’t work how you would like it to? A Google Adwords Review is a good way to start!

I can help you make sense of what you are doing right and what you need to improve on.

I will review every aspect of your Adwords account Including:
– Account setup and structure
– Account Settings
– Location
– Keyword selection and match types including negative keywords
– Ad group structure
– Ad position
– Search impression share
– Quality Score
– Bid strategy
– Advert text
– Ad extensions
– Conversion tracking

I will provide you with a full report detailing all tha changes made and why they are made (how they affect your CPC,etc).
Our goal, as your Google Adwords partner, is to use our knowledge and expertise to optimize your ads and improve revenue.

Isn’t it about time for this keyword that you like to cost less for you?


– Google Adwords Review – Full Account
– Detailed Report of the changes and explanation of why these have been performed.


I need you to let me know your AdWords Client ID Number (you can find it in the top right corner of the AdWords interface, when you log in), so that I can send you a request to access your account as an AdWords Manager. You will be able to terminate my Manager Access once the job is completed.


If you are interested in creating an Adwords account from scratch, please check our Google Adwords Setup below.

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