GDPR Compliance for WordPress Website

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Are you afraid that your are not GDPR ready? Is your WordPress Website not GDPR compliant? The GDPR Compliance for WordPress service will make everything fast and easy for you!

What Is GDPR?
The GDPR sets out a number of requirements for anyone who controls personal data to lawfully process personal data. If you do business in Europe or target EU Citizens, you will have to comply with these requirements.

Why Is GDPR Important?
Every website must follow some requirements. The fine for violating these requirements can be up to $20 million!

Get some peace of mind today! Become GDPR compliant!


GDPR Data Audit
Cookie Compliance plugin & Policy
Privacy Policy Review
Forms Review & Configuration
Site Security Review


When you purchase this product you need to send me the website’s URL and admin login details for your website.

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