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With the Facebook Page Setup, we will set up your Facebook business page and ensure you have all of the information required to optimise the page and give a professional impression to your viewers. I will also create the first three posts to get your page started.

I will first need to understand what you want your page to achieve. We’d discuss what information you already have available, and what else I’d need to inform the page’s content.

Some instructions will sent to you on how to create your own content with tips and ideas for creating engaging posts
I can create multiple social media accounts for you, which I will discount at 20% if you purchase at the same time. Please feel free to contact me regarding this!

If you would like a Facebook banner design for your page, please see the extra services below.


– Facebook page setup based on your existing branding.
– Optimise in terms of page name name, custom URL, complete descriptions
– Upload all information sections, incl graphics (supplied by you)
– Add customised tabs to your page (subscriptions, registrations for events, feature customer testimonials, content library for ebooks etc) This will increase your page and overall business engagement
– Schedule 3 posts with content


I will need full business contact details and address, website URL, description of business, company values, products/services, brand voice and any images/graphics for the page


If you would like to have a custom header design for your social media page, please check the CUSTOM HEADER DESIGN below.

If you need a twitter page as well, please check the TWITTER PAGE SETUP below.


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