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AMP for WordPress is a must if your website is on this platform. The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is the new open source project by Google which aims to provide mobile optimized content that can load instantly everywhere. Because it is a project led by Google, its search engine promotes it, which means that in every search there is a number of AMP that come up high in rankings.

If your website has AMP, it is mobile optimized and you are bound to get high rankings for your AMP, regardless your standard website pages.

Mobile optimization is a major factor nowadays that boosts your SEO.

The AMP have a simple layout in order to be able to load fast.

Within 3 days from the receipt of your order your small/medium website will have AMPs. For large websites, please allow 5-7 days.

Accelerate your website on mobile devices and optimize it today!


– All pages and posts of your WordPress website will have an AMP version.


New mobile pages will have a simpler layout to your standard page layout, as this is what makes the AMPs faster.
The AMP for WordPress service does not include revisions to your AMP. The content of your standard pages will be used. If you need extra changes to your AMP you will need to purchase a WORDPRESS MAINTENANCE PACKAGE (after you contact me to evaluate how many hours of work you need)
When you purchase this service you need to send me the website’s URL and admin login details for your website.


If you are interested in optimizing your standard website pages as well, please check our SEO STARTER PACKAGE below.

If you need to integrate Google’s tools (Webmaster and Analytics) to your website, please check our GOOGLE OPTIMIZATION below.

If you need extra work on your website/AMP, please check our WORDPRESS MAINTENANCE PACKAGE below.


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